DOTHERM's high-performance materials are used for insulating applications in various industries.

They are used in the electronics industry for insulating printed circuit boards and components to ensure electrical safety.
In power engineering, they are used for the insulation of high-voltage components such as transformers and switches.
DOTHERM's materials are also used in building technology to achieve efficient thermal insulation and soundproofing.

In the automotive industry, they are used to insulate cables and electrical components to ensure reliable operation.


solation is an essential aspect for high-performance materials in various applications. These materials offer excellent thermal insulation properties.

  • building technology, high-performance materials ensure optimum thermal insulation and energy efficiency.
  • electronics industry, these materials insulate electrical components to prevent short circuits.

In aerospace, they are crucial for insulation against extreme temperatures in space.

In the automotive industry, high-performance insulation helps reduce heat and noise emissions.

- power generation, they are essential for insulating high-temperature components in power plants.

medical technology, they insulate sensitive equipment and protect against external influences.

For chemical industry they provide safe handling of aggressive chemicals.

Due to its versatility, DOTHERM offers tailor-made solutions for specific insulation requirements.

Through continuous further development, high-performance materials from DOTHERM contribute to improving efficiency and safety in various areas.

Overall, high-performance materials are critical for effective insulation solutions in modern technological applications.


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