Measurement and control technology from Givi Misure

Optical and magnetic linear encoders, rotary encoders, positioning controllers and indicators

Givi Misure develops and manufactures high quality optical and magnetic linear encoders, rotary encoders, positioning controls and indicators. The quality products are used wherever precise measurement or control of machines or apparatus is required.

GIVI Misure length measuring systems are highly accurate and reliable instruments used in a wide range of applications. With their high accuracy and performance, they enable precise measurements of lengths and positions in various industries.

GIVI Misure's range of length measurement systems includes a variety of products including linear scales, digital readouts, transducers and position encoders. These systems provide precise measurement of lengths and positions with high resolution and repeatability.

GIVI Misure linear encoders are used in the manufacturing industry, machine tool industry, automation technology and many other fields. They enable accurate position measurements and precise control of movements in machines and systems.

Using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, GIVI Misure length measurement systems ensure reliable and long-lasting performance. They are robust against vibrations, temperature fluctuations and other environmental influences that can occur in industrial environments.

The easy integration of GIVI Misure's length measurement systems into existing systems and applications enables fast and straightforward implementation. They are flexibly adaptable and can meet the specific requirements and needs of customers.

Product quality

The precise measurement results of GIVI Misure's length measuring systems help to improve product quality and reduce scrap. They enable optimal control of production processes and thus help to increase efficiency.

GIVI Misure continuously invests in research and development to further improve the performance and functionality of its length measuring systems. Innovation and technological advances keep them at the cutting edge, providing solutions for the most demanding applications.

In summary, GIVI Misure length measurement systems provide accurate and reliable measurement solutions for a wide range of applications. With their high accuracy, robustness and flexibility, they are a trusted choice for engineers and manufacturers who need accurate length and position data.


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