thermal and electrical insulation

DOTHERM is known for its high-performance materials used in various industries. These materials offer outstanding properties such as high thermal stability, excellent electrical insulation and outstanding mechanical strength.

DOTHERM's high-performance materials are ideal for high-temperature technology, electronics, electromobility and aerospace. They withstand extreme temperatures and are chemically and corrosion resistant.

Innovative composition and premium workmanship ensure reliable performance and improved product life.

DOTHERM offers materials such as high temperature alloys, advanced ceramics, composites and coatings. Ideal for aerospace, power generation, chemical industry and high performance engines.

Continuous development ensures optimized properties and tailored solutions for customers. Research and development teams master technological challenges.

High-performance materials from DOTHERM stand for quality and reliability. They support technological advances and applications worldwide.

DOTHERM has many years of experience in providing reliable materials. Research and innovation strengthen industry leadership. Customers prefer the materials in demanding environments.


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