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Piezoceramics are used to convert mechanical forces - such as pressure or tension - into electrical quantities. But also vice versa, from electrical signals into mechanical movements or vibrations.
Piezoceramic components are used as a wide variety of electromechanical transducers in a broad frequency range. In sensors, they enable the conversion of forces, pressures and accelerations into electrical signals. In sound and ultrasonic transducers, electrical voltages are converted into vibrations or deformations.

Our wide range of piezoceramic components includes numerous shapes and technical sizes.

From a state-of-the-art production facility, Megatron offers piezoceramic components of the highest quality.
We have the knowledge to determine and deliver the right component for your application. This allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Advice on the precise selection of piezoceramic components serves to make your production tools more efficient and open up new application possibilities.
This applies in particular to transducers in the fields of hydraulic and pneumatic valves, positioning systems, micromanipulators and dosing systems for liquids and gases.


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High-performance materials for piezo applications

The classification of piezoceramic materials is based on the chemical composition on the one hand and the specific application conditions on the other. Selection criteria are, in addition to the typical parameters (see data sheets), the behavior under large electrical and mechanical load. The following material categories are distinguished:

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Molds and standard mechanical tolerances

In addition to the listed shapes, custom shapes are also available. Parts can be manufactured in the specified dimensional ranges, but not in any combination of thickness and side dimensions. A detailed list of standard sizes of available parts is available upon request.

Examples of applications include oscillating crystals as clocks in watches, as actuators in fuel injection systems, as pickups in musical instruments, in loudspeaker systems, in ultrasound and sonar technology, in instruments in the medical sector, etc.

Advantages piezoceramics




Safety and security applications

Mechanical engineering and devices

Medical Technology


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