Fixed inductances

Solid inductors are available in an extremely wide inductance range. Available from strip, on foam mat or as Ammo pack.

Fixed inductors are widely used in communication devices, especially in antenna filter circuits, voltage controlled oscillators and power circuits. They are used as LC filter impedance matching coils, oscillation coils and chokes. Increasingly, they are used as EMI-noise suppression components, important for the technological advancement of digitization. Megatron offers a wide range of fixed inductors to meet your technological needs.

Advantages of Megatron fixed inductors

Exceptionally wide product range from 0.1 µH to 100'000 µH

Excellent, high Q values

Excellent RF suppression and filtering

The components are excellent for decoupling and noise suppression. Preferably used for RF suppression / filtering in the range of 12 ~ 16 kHz filter. Major applications in household appliances, automotive electronics, communication equipment, entertainment systems and lighting equipment.


AC power supplies




We are pleased to offer you an extended range of inductors - from the applications listed below - on request!

Chip inductors for RF applications

Chip inductors for power applications

 Common mode filter chip inductors

RFID transponder coils

Wired inductors (fixed inductors)

Suppression coils

Pluggable inductors (pin type coils)

Broadband throttling and beads

 SMD power inductors

 Rod core chokes

Toroidal mains chokes


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