Casting resins Potting compounds

The Araldite branded products are manufactured by Huntsman

We supply first-class casting resins, potting compounds and impregnating resins with which transformers, high-voltage components and other electronic components can be professionally protected, especially in the electronics sector.
This ensures a long service life and resistance to environmental influences.

When selecting our resins and hardeners, we were guided by two properties that are essential for our customers: Quality and Safety.
The products have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, and comply with REACH requirements for the registration and use of chemicals.

With our wide range of casting resins and potting compounds, we can offer exactly the products that best suit your applications.

To meet constantly changing needs, our casting resins and potting compounds are subject to a continuous innovation process.

We are constantly committed to long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, the trusting relationship with you is anchored in Megatron's DNA. The synergy between us as a supplier and you as a customer enables comprehensive consulting for the realization of your projects.

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