Applications Advanced ceramics - for your individual industry solution.

Every industry depends on individual solutions. Every application has its specific specifications. In this context, advanced ceramics and their diverse properties play a decisive role.

That's why DOCERAM has different teams of technicians and engineers who are very familiar with the respective processes in an industry. They use their expertise to develop customized solutions that meet the requirements of each industry.

But that is not enough for us. Because beyond day-to-day business, we are interested in the standards of tomorrow. Our teams are continuously working on new solutions with creative thinking to meet the ever-changing needs of industries.


Applications Advanced ceramics:

With our ceramic parts and components, we address the major industries of mechanical and plant engineering. Our high-performance ceramics are used in the automotive industry and by its suppliers. Our products also prove themselves in the diverse world of welding technology in different variants.

Not to forget our connection to the textile industry, which is deeply rooted in our tradition. Here, our ceramic solutions offer innovative possibilities for various applications.

In addition, we are naturally open to inquiries and suggestions regarding new technologies from other industries as well. Our teams are ready to work together on forward-looking solutions. We will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us today to learn more.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to explore new horizons and build partnerships with customers from diverse industries. Their challenges are our motivation to create groundbreaking advanced ceramics solutions.

Advanced ceramics - for your individual industry solution.


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