Ferrites from Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube is a leading manufacturer of soft magnetic ferrites.

The extensive product range is used in virtually all electromagnetic applications. Based on many years of expertise, Ferroxcube is today able to manufacture technically advanced ferrites, develop innovative materials for future-oriented products and offer extensive know-how to solve a wide range of specific applications.

Megatron has maintained a distribution partnership with Ferroxcube for over 30 years.

The quality of Ferroxcube ferrites is based on many years of know-how in a complex manufacturing process. This results in homogeneous ferrite components in all respects.

Ferroxcube engineers are constantly developing new ferrite materials with even more specific characteristics for advanced applications.
An extensive selection of standard types with good delivery availability is available. Specific types/shapes can be designed and sampled for their concrete application.

Our ferrites are suitable for applications that meet the trends of future-oriented applications: for example, in the automotive industry for electric cars, for charging stations, for renewable energy sources (solar technology, wind power plants), IT and communications equipment.

New Materials 2022

For your concerns about specific materials or solutions to applications, we can provide you with expert advice, both technical and commercial. For product development, we can offer you rapid sampling. All your concerns are in good hands with us.

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