Doceram has been developing and manufacturing industrial advanced ceramics for over 20 years. Ceramic Materials:
An expert engineering team is constantly researching new materials and manufacturing processes to contribute to the technological requirements of future applications.

Using the materials aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide and silicon nitride ,Doceram manufactures standard ceramic components as well as complex prototypes, series parts and individual assemblies.

Ceramic materials from Doceram: High-quality solutions for industry

However, Doceram also works intensively, reliably and precisely on solutions for challenging workpieces in a wide variety of industries.

Wear parts: Durability and wear resistance

We use technical ceramics in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the pump industry, welding technology and other sectors.

Megatron as the representative in Switzerland will be pleased to advise you on the use of ceramics in your application. Find out in detail about the three most important materials for the production of advanced ceramics for industrial applications on the following pages.

Doceram's ceramic materials are used in various industries. They are high quality solutions and include a wide range of products, such as wear parts, cutting tools and components.

Doceram wear parts are available in a variety of styles and are valued in the industry for their durability and wear resistance.

Doceram cutting tools are specially designed for precise machining of workpieces and offer high cutting speed and accuracy.

Doceram's components are used in electronic devices and are characterized by their high heat resistance and electrical insulation properties.

Doceram also offers customized solutions because the company works closely with its customers to develop customized ceramic components.

Quality, reliability and performance: Doceram's innovative pursuit

Doceram's ceramic materials are widely used in industry and are applied in areas such as automotive, mechanical engineering and electronics.

The products are characterized by their high quality, reliability and performance because Doceram invests in innovative technologies and manufacturing processes to provide its customers with high-quality ceramic solutions.

The company places great emphasis on research and development to continuously improve its products and meet the changing needs of the industry.

Overall, Doceram's ceramic materials are indispensable components for modern industrial applications because they offer high precision and durability and help optimize processes. They are thus an essential basis for efficient and reliable processes in industry.

The diverse applications of Doceram ceramic materials are a testament to their versatility and ability to meet the specific needs of different industries.

Research and development: Continuous improvement of products

By working closely with customers and tailoring solutions, Doceram helps companies improve performance and strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace.

The continuous development of Doceram's ceramic materials is an indication of the company's commitment to responding to the needs of the industry and offering innovative solutions.

This makes Doceram a reliable partner for the industrial future.

Technical features

Gas nozzle: VOLCERA after 100 coats in continuous continuous operation and copper after 1 coat.

Centering pin: CERZAUR with 40 times the service life compared to steel.


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