Loudspeakers and audio components for industrial applications

Megatron can offer you a wide range of state-of-the-art speakers and audio components.

Dynamic loudspeakers, acoustic receivers, telecommunication loudspeakers, NXP loudspeakers, mobile loudspeakers, you will find the optimal products for your applications.

Efficient components with high performance.
The best technological design of the speakers.

High degree of flexibility to meet your desired specifications.

Short delivery times with a diverse standard product range, rapid processing of customer-specific adaptations.

We can provide specific loudspeakers for the wide range of applications in medical, telecommunication, automotive, multimedia, mobile devices. It is feasible to adjust the electroacoustic performances such as SPL, frequency curve, F0, power handling to your requirements.

We can also change the entire design of the speakers - such as shape, material or type of connectors so that this perfectly fits your specific applications.




Mobile devices




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