Reed sensors

Flow measurement and level control, position detection of moving elements, external adjustment of pacemakers in medicine ... Reed sensors are proven components in a wide range of applications.

Megatron supplies you with the exact reed sensor to suit your application. Due to the variety of possible applications, the enormous quantities, our reed sensors and reed switches are extremely cost-effective.

We can supply you with a large selection of reed sensors for a wide range of applications.

Our reed sensors are characterized by a long service life, convincing stability and excellent corrosion protection.

Our reed sensors can be used in a wide temperature range from -65°C to 150°C.

Important to know, our reed sensors are cost effective!

Reed sensor structure

The central product of the reed sensors is the reed switch. This is inserted into a housing by means of epoxy resin. Before the reed switch is installed in the housing, cables are usually soldered on so that the reed switch can be contacted after potting. Contact with the cables can be made via hundreds of different connectors.

Functionality of reed sensors / reed switches

Reed sensors have four different modes of operation. The most common reed sensors are normally open sensors. They consist of two flexible, magnetizable tongues. Under the influence of a magnetic field, the contact surfaces touch. In this way, current flows through the switch. Normally closed contacts can usually be made in two ways: Either a changeover contact is used, but only the resting contact is soldered, or an external magnet is applied to a normally open contact, which keeps the reed contact closed. This then opens when an external magnet with a different polarity approaches the reed contact. Without a magnetic field, the tongue of the changeover switch touches a normally closed contact and, in the active position, a normally open contact.

Shapes of our reed sensors




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