Insulation solutions across materials

In many industrial applications it makes sense to use multilayer materials or material combinations. It is often sufficient to use the high-performance material only in the main stress areas, which leads to a reduction in costs. One focus is on material combinations with high-performance ceramics for particularly stressed areas of machine components and plant elements. One example of this is gripper arms or handling elements in electronics manufacturing, where the heavily stressed areas are made of high-performance ceramics while the carrier group is made of a lower-cost material such as a fiber composite. In this way, solutions are created that optimally combine quality and cost-effectiveness.

When it comes to complex components with demanding requirements, we are a competent partner. Our strengths lie in:

  • a diverse selection of high-quality materials,
  • large manufacturing capacities,
  • extensive experience in the production of assemblies,
  • high availability of materials and short delivery times of 2-3 days,
  • in-depth knowledge of various industries,
  • comprehensive advice, even in the planning phase.

We are at your disposal to meet your individual requirements and offer customized solutions.

Compatible materials

DOGLAS refers to a range of thermoset glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP for short) that are produced by combining a wide variety of resin systems.

The DOTEX material is a thermoset composite based on phenolic resin. Reinforced with fabrics made of cotton or paper, these composite systems cost-effectively meet many requirements in industrial plants.

DOTHERM's product range includes materials that have proven themselves especially in high-temperature applications. DOTHERM materials are characterized by their low thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation properties.

ELTIMID offers operating temperatures in the range from -250 °C to 280 °C, with short-term peaks of up to 400 °C. Thanks to its high wear resistance, this material is particularly suitable for oil-free applications with long service lives.


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