Piezoceramics in equipment and mechanical engineering

Power converter

  • Level sensors (storage silos)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Ultrasonic material processing
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Echo sounders and fish finders


  • Ultrasonic distance sensors and ultrasonic counters
  • Flow measurement (water and heat measurement)
  • Level sensors (storage silos)
  • Leak detection
  • Burglar alarm systems & property protection


Level sensors (storage silos)

Level sensors (storage silos)

A transmitter with a piezoceramic component emits an ultrasonic signal that travels in a container, strikes the surface of the contained solid or liquid, and then returns to a piezoceramic transducer.

The time it takes for the signal to return to the transducer at the top of the silo allows the level of the silo to be calculated.


Designs: Round discs, rings or other special designs.


Cleaning with ultrasound

With a wide range of applications for ultrasonic cleaning, this technique can be used on both large and small scales.

Pressure differences create cavitation in a liquid, which enables perfect cleaning even in hard-to-reach places.

The ultrasound that enables cavitation is generated by a transducer located at the bottom of the tank, which has annular piezoceramic components.


Versions: Round discs or rings


Welding with ultrasound

The use of friction generated by ultrasound is what makes ultrasonic welding technology possible in the first place. Thus, such high energy is generated between two workpieces that they can be welded together. This technique works with both metals and plastics.

The key role of piezoceramics is that it enables the generation of ultrasound via the transducer.

This technique is used in industry, as it offers very good economic characteristics, reliability and speed of welding.

Finishes: Rings


Material processing with ultrasound

The treatment of materials with ultrasound is made possible by the same technique that is used for welding.

The difference is that a tool for processing the material is coupled to the tip of the sonotrode and that, in addition, a suspension is used which acts as an abrasive.

Thus, during these vibrations, the workpieces become easily machinable for many materials, i.e. glass and metal.

This technique, which then uses piezoelectric components, is very popular because it allows high accuracy and better quality of the surfaces of the machined parts.

Finishes: Rings


Non-destructive testing of materials

We know that in the production processes of industry, it is important to make products that are very resistant, but with a minimum of material.

Therefore, our customers try to improve their products by eliminating any defects or inhomogeneities.

To achieve this, non-destructive material testing enables comprehensive quality assurance in the production process.

This method uses the reflection of waves generated by a piezoceramic transmitter on a part under investigation. The transducer, which also consists of piezoceramic components, then acts as a receiver and indicates whether or not the wave encounters an obstacle, thus providing information on whether or not there is a defect.

Versions: Round discs, rectangular plates or square plates.


Echo sounders and sonar

Piezoceramic components are widely used in sonars to have information about obstacles, detection, range and direction measurement.

The applications are diverse and mainly focused on the marine industry and the fishing sector (water depth detection, fish school detection ...).


Flow measurement (water and heat)

This technique is made possible by the use of piezoceramic transducers positioned on the pipe wall. With the Doppler principle, the flow can be calculated via the frequency shift of the ultrasonic waves.

The advantage of this measurement method is that the measurement is independent of the propagation speed of the sound and thus of the fluid. It therefore allows not only the measurement of liquids, but also of gases.

Versions: Round discs


Leak detection

Leaks in pipes can be located with the help of a hydrophone, which consists of a piezoceramic tube and a plastic housing. This analyzes the ultrasonic waves and detects leaks.


Burglar alarm systems & property protection

Piezoceramic transducers are used in a variety of ways in intrusion detection systems.

The system remains the same, if the system notices a difference in the return time of the wave, an obstacle or an intruder is detected.





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