Apparatus and tool making

Advanced ceramics in apparatus and tool making.
Many possibilities - hardly any limits.


Jig and fixture construction as a special form of toolmaking deals with the production of apparatus for machining, handling, testing or assembling workpieces, preliminary or end products by means of specific operations such as drilling, welding, adjusting, clamping or loading. This involves processes that must be reproduced exactly in high volumes to ensure consistent quality of the machined parts. The manufacture of jigs and fixtures thus proves to be a complex and cost-intensive process, not least because they are often only produced as individual pieces or in small series.

In many places, high-performance ceramics are a perfect "all-purpose" material for this purpose. It can withstand extreme chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses and is therefore ideally suited for parts such as receptacles, guides, bearings or fixings. Even standard products such as cylindrical, locating and positioning pins, which are available from stock in many sizes, can be used particularly creatively in fixtures.




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