Cut tape cores

High saturation induction, low losses, small design volume, flexible due to adjustable air gap? Megatron supplies the suitable cutting tape cores for your applications.

Cut strip cores made of amorphous iron-based alloys offer an interesting combination of high saturation induction with low losses.

With the relatively high magnetostriction, amorphous iron-based alloys convince with high saturation induction at low cost.

Small volume, flexible adjustable air gap: we offer all possibilities to meet your requirements.

Small sizes (and thus low costs) are achieved by maximum utilization of the copper winding space with simultaneous maximum modulation.

Cut strip cores made of amorphous soft magnetic alloys - produced by means of rapid solidification processes - are mostly offered in dimensions according to the American AMCC type series. In the meantime, however, the European "IEC 329" types, e.g. from the SU series, are also increasingly known.

The main applications for amorphous cut band cores are in the range > 10 Å at about 20 to 100 kHz.
Proven used for PFC or storage chokes in power applications.
In addition, the low losses allow the design of volume-optimized chokes even at higher current ripples.

Also available are customized dimensions according to your specifications. We will advise you and provide you with a non-binding offer.

Amorphous cut tape cores Strengths


Solar Inverters

Welding equipment

Motor drives

Material data and core properties (losses)

Saturation inductionBsRT[T]1,56
Saturation inductionBs130 °C1,44
Curie temperatureTc[¡C]399
Crystallization temperature[¡C]508
Upper application temperature[¡C]ca.130
Spec. electrical resistanceρeRT[_½m]1,3
Ummagnetization lossesPFe(0.1 T, 25 kHz)[W/kg]approx. 15
Ummagnetization lossesPFe(0.3 T, 50 kHz)[W/kg]approx. 300


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