Applications Reed Sensors

Reed sensors are used in a wide variety of applications because they provide a simple and reliable solution for sensing magnetic fields. Here are some important applications of reed sensors:

  • Door and window monitoring: Reed sensors are often used in security systems to detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. They enable effective monitoring and can trigger alarms when unauthorized access is detected.
  • Switches and sensors: Reed sensors are used as magnetic switches to monitor the status of switches or sensors. They are used in industrial automation to monitor the operating status of machines or in electronic circuits to control signals.
  • Flow detection: Reed sensors are used in flow measurement, especially for liquids or gases containing magnetic particles. They enable precise flow detection and are used in areas such as water and gas supply, the chemical industry and food processing.
  • Automotive industry: Reed sensors are used in the automotive industry for various applications, such as detecting closed doors and trunk lids. They also play a role in safety and comfort systems, such as automatically opening and closing windows or detecting steering wheel movements.
  • Medical technology: Reed sensors are used in medical technology, for example to detect the opening or closing of medical devices or to monitor prosthesis movements. They provide precise sensing and enable control of medical devices and prostheses.
  • Industrial measurement and test equipment: Reed sensors are used in industrial measurement and test equipment to detect magnetic fields and perform measurements. They play an important role in materials testing, magnetic field measurement and other applications where magnetic fields need to be detected.
  • Building services: Reed sensors are used in building services to detect and control valves, dampers and other moving parts. They enable precise position detection and control in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as in automated systems for window and door openings.
  • Electronic security systems: Reed sensors are used in electronic security systems such as alarm systems to detect the opening of windows, doors or cabinets. They provide reliable detection and contribute to the monitoring and security of buildings and facilities.


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