Positioning control

THESI control unit for positioning one or two axes, with a 16-bit microprocessor.

256K FLASH and 8K RAM memory in single chip mode. High input speed,
wide range of special functions and ease of use are the main features of these positioning controllers.
Primary application area is sheet metal cutting and bending machines.

Axis position control can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic, with selectable resolution from 1 to 200 microns.
The metal housing, combined with the optically decoupled inputs, provides excellent protection against electromagnetic interference.

GIVI Misure positioning control offers precise control solutions for diverse applications in industry.

The control systems are characterized by high precision, but they offer not only accuracy, but also versatility.

The systems enable precise positioning and movement of workpieces or machine parts because they use advanced technologies.

The fact that the positioning control is easy to configure facilitates integration into various workflows.

GIVI Misure control systems can be adapted for various applications, but they are particularly popular in automation.

They enable precise movement in multiple axes because they are capable of handling complex positioning tasks.

GIVI Misure places great emphasis on quality and innovation because their control systems are based on the latest technology.

Overall, GIVI Misure positioning control systems offer reliable solutions that can be used in various industries.

The advanced features of these control systems help increase efficiency and optimize processes, which can boost productivity.

GIVI Misure positioning control offers precise control solutions for diverse industrial applications. The sophisticated systems enable not only precise positioning and moving, but also complex tasks.

These advanced systems significantly increase productivity and efficiency.


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