Glass scales

Optical measuring systems

The glass scales from Givi Misure are optical measuring systems and consist of a very finely divided scale made of glass or ground steel. But the advantage of glass and glass ceramic is the very low thermal expansion, so that temperature fluctuations hardly affect the measurement accuracy.

Steel is characterized by a low resistance to contamination because it can be used even in extreme temperatures. In other words, GIVI Misure glass scales are high-precision measuring instruments that allow accurate length measurement in various applications.

They are made of high quality glass that has excellent optical clarity and dimensional stability. GIVI Misure glass scales are used in the machine tool industry, semiconductor industry, metrology and many other fields. In doing so, they help to increase product quality and reduce scrap.

A special feature of GIVI Misure glass scales is their high resolution, which makes them ideal for applications that require high measurement accuracy. In addition, they stand out for their dimensional stability because they are robust to temperature changes and environmental conditions.

GIVI Misure glass scales are easy to install and use, but they can also be combined with digital displays or transducers to allow easy and precise evaluation of the measured values. Quality and innovation are fundamental principles of GIVI Misure, as the company is constantly improving its products.

In summary, GIVI Misure glass scales provide a precise and reliable solution for length measurement in various industries because they offer high resolution, dimensional stability and ease of use.


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