Rotary encoder

Rotary encoder

Our rotary encoders are characterized by a robust and compact design. Especially the wide range of functions results in great versatility in use, but this allows excellent solutions to be achieved even for demanding applications. The metal housing provides effective protection against electromagnetic interference, because the encoders have a wide range of pulses/revolution, up to 64'000 ppr. Available on request with max. frequency 300 kHz and protection class IP67 DIN 40050 / IEC 529.

Givi Misure rotary encoders are high-precision instruments for detecting and measuring rotary motion in various applications. They play an important role in automation technology, but also in robotics, machine tool industry and many other industries because accurate position and motion information is needed.

Givi Misure rotary encoders provide high resolution and accuracy in detecting rotary motion. They use advanced sensor technologies to precisely detect the rotational movements of objects or shafts and convert them into electrical signals. This enables accurate position and velocity measurements.

Angular position, rotational speed and acceleration

Angular position, rotational speed and acceleration - these high-quality rotary encoders can provide a wide range of information, such as angular position, rotational speed and acceleration. They are capable of detecting both continuous and discrete rotational motion and provide accurate and reliable measurement results.

Givi Misure's rotation angle sensor are available in different versions to meet the specific requirements of the application. They offer a wide range of resolutions, scanning speeds and interface options to allow optimal integration into existing systems.

Automation technology

For automation technology, for example, they are used to control robot arms, CNC machines and plants. In the machine tool industry, they enable precise positioning of workpieces and tools. In metrology, they are used for the precise detection of angular positions and rotational speeds.

Givi Misure places great emphasis on quality and innovation in the development of its rotary encoders. Continuous research and development keep them at the cutting edge of technology and provide high-precision instruments for accurate and reliable measurements of rotary motion.

In summary, Givi Misure rotary encoders provide a precise solution for detecting and measuring rotary motion in various applications. With their high resolution, accuracy and reliability, they are a trusted choice for engineers and manufacturers who need accurate position and motion information to optimize their processes and improve the quality of their products.


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