Protect the surface

DOTHERM uses the high-performance materials for surface protection in various areas. In coating technology, they protect surfaces from corrosion, abrasion and chemical attack. In addition, the automotive industry uses them to protect body parts and components from external influences. DOTHERM materials are also used in the chemical industry to protect tanks and pipelines from aggressive media. Their high resistance and reliability make them ideal for surface protection.

High-performance materials are essential in protecting the surface, as they offer excellent protective properties against external influences. They are used in the automotive industry to protect vehicle surfaces from corrosion and abrasion. In aerospace, they protect aircraft parts from the challenges of the atmosphere and space conditions. They are also used in the maritime industry to protect ship surfaces from salt water and sea weather. In the electronics industry, they provide reliable insulation and protective coatings for electronic components. For the construction industry, they provide protection for building facades from weathering and contamination. High-performance materials protect equipment and containers in the chemical industry from aggressive chemicals.

Overall, high-performance materials from DOTHERM support a wide range of applications and contribute to improved products and processes. Thanks to their high temperature resistance, they protect surfaces in high-temperature environments. DOTHERM offers tailor-made surface protection solutions to meet specific industry requirements. The use of high-performance materials for surface protection extends the service life of products. Overall, high-performance materials play a crucial role in protecting surfaces in various industries and applications by helping to maintain aesthetic and functional properties and ensuring high resistance and durability in demanding environments.


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