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DOTHERM's high-performance materials are used in various measurement applications. They are used in measurement technology to achieve precise and reliable measurement results.

In sensor technology, they are used for the production of sensitive and high-precision sensors. DOTHERM's materials are also used in metrology for temperature measurements and thermal sensors, as they offer high stability and accuracy, making them ideal for measurement applications.

Measurement is an important application for high-performance materials, as precision and reliability play a crucial role. They are used for measuring instruments in various industries, such as the aerospace industry, where they are used in aircraft and spacecraft for precise measurements.

In medical technology, too, they are essential for imaging devices and medical instruments. In research and development, they help to collect accurate data and drive innovative technologies.

High-performance materials enable advanced measurement techniques in many areas of science and industry. In aerospace, they are used in sensors and instruments to collect accurate data on flight parameters and space conditions. In power engineering, they also play an important role in sensors and control systems of power plants. In the chemical industry, they ensure precise measurements in laboratories and production plants to ensure optimal chemical processes. Thanks to their outstanding properties, high-performance materials help ensure that measuring instruments deliver reliable and accurate results, which in turn guarantees the quality and safety of products and processes. The continuous research and development of high-performance materials enables DOTHERM to offer innovative solutions for future requirements in measurement technology. These materials play an essential role in promoting research and progress on a global scale.


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