Slide rails

DOTHERM's high-performance materials are used in slide rails for various industries. They are used in the automotive industry to produce low-friction and durable sliding rails for sunroofs and seat adjusters.

In the aviation industry, they are used for guide rails in aircraft doors and flaps to ensure reliable functionality and durability. DOTHERM's materials are also used in the mechanical engineering industry to produce precise, low-friction guide rails for various applications.

In medical technology, they are used for sliding rails in medical devices to enable smooth and precise movement.

Slide rails are important components in machines and plants. High-performance materials are widely used here because they ensure wear resistance and durability.

In the automotive industry, guide rails are used for window regulators, sunroofs and seats. High-performance materials enable smooth movements and long service life.

In aviation, guide rails play a crucial role in landing flaps, landing gear and wing flaps. High-performance materials cope with high loads and temperatures.

In medical technology, guide rails are used in X-ray machines, scanner movements and operating tables. High-performance materials offer precision and reliability.

In the food industry, slide rails are used in packaging machines and conveyor belts. High-performance materials are hygienic and abrasion-resistant.

Slide rails in high-speed trains use high-performance materials to ensure stability and smooth movement.

For precision equipment and optical instruments, guide rails made of high-performance materials are essential to enable precise movements.

DOTHERM offers a wide range of high performance materials for slide rail applications to meet the specific requirements of the industry.

The excellent properties of these materials, such as high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance, make them the preferred choice for slide rail applications.

Overall, high-performance materials help guide rails operate smoothly and reliably, resulting in more efficient and powerful machines.


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