Advanced ceramics from Doceram

DOCERAM's advanced ceramics are an outstanding material that is actively used in a wide range of demanding applications. DOCERAM uses the ceramic to offer numerous advantages in various industries.

DOCERAM's advanced ceramics are characterized by their exceptional temperature resistance, which makes them ideal for high-temperature applications. It is actively used in areas such as metal processing, high-temperature furnaces and energy technology.

The chemical resistance of DOCERAM's advanced ceramics enables their active use in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and food processing. It is resistant to aggressive chemicals, acids and alkalis.

The mechanical strength and hardness of DOCERAM's high-performance ceramic enables its active use in mechanical and wear-intensive industries, such as automotive and mechanical engineering. It offers high wear resistance and abrasion resistance.

DOCERAM's advanced ceramics are actively used in the electronics industry. It is used in high-frequency and microwave applications and is ideal for the manufacture of insulators, capacitors and other electronic components due to its low electrical conductivity and excellent dielectric properties.

DOCERAM is actively involved in the research and development of its advanced ceramics to further improve their properties and performance. Through customized solutions and close cooperation with customers, specific requirements are met and innovative products are developed.

Overall, DOCERAM's high-performance ceramics actively provide a reliable solution for demanding applications in various industries. Engineers and manufacturers worldwide actively rely on DOCERAM's high-performance ceramics due to their outstanding properties such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties.


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