Special ferrites

Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites are high-quality magnetic materials specially developed for demanding applications. With their unique properties, they meet the specific requirements of various industries.

In addition, Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites are used in telecommunications to ensure efficient signal transmission and processing. They offer high magnetic permeability and enable precise control of electromagnetic waves. These properties are particularly important for the development of high-frequency filters and antennas in mobile communications and satellite systems.

In addition, Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites are used in the automotive industry in electronic control systems and sensors. They enable precise data acquisition and processing, resulting in improved vehicle performance and safety. At the same time, they offer high resistance to the extreme temperatures and vibrations that can occur in automotive applications.

Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites are also used in power generation in generators, transformers and other electrical equipment. As a result, they improve energy efficiency, reduce losses and contribute to the stability of the power grid. Their high magnetic saturation and low losses make them an ideal choice for applications with high currents and frequencies.

Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites are also used in medical technology, particularly in imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). They enable precise imaging by generating and controlling a strong magnetic field while providing high thermal stability and safety for the patient.

Ferroxcube continuously invests in research and development to further improve the performance and properties of its specialty ferrites. By working closely with customers, customized solutions are developed to meet the specific requirements of each application.

Overall, Ferroxcube's specialty ferrites provide a reliable solution for demanding applications in the telecommunications, automotive, power generation and medical industries. Their outstanding properties and high quality make them a preferred material for engineers and manufacturers worldwide.


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