Toroidal cores

Ferroxcube - High-quality and reliable toroidal cores for a wide range of applications

Ferroxcube develops high quality and reliable toroidal cores for a wide range of applications and they are used in various industries. The toroidal cores provide efficient magnetic performance.

Special design for optimal function:

Thanks to their special design, Ferroxcube toroidal cores play an important role in controlling and processing magnetic signals in electronic circuits, ensuring high magnetic performance and stability.

Quality and reliability in focus:

Ferroxcube places great emphasis on the quality and reliability of its toroidal cores. Each toroid is carefully manufactured and subjected to strict quality controls to ensure consistent performance and longevity.

Wide range of choices for customized solutions:

The Ferroxcube product range includes different types of toroidal cores to meet the specific requirements of different applications. As a result, they offer a diverse selection for customized solutions. They are used in transformers, inductors and other electronic components.

Innovative technologies for optimal performance:

Ferroxcube uses innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing processes in the development and production of toroidal cores. This enables the company to provide high-quality toroidal cores that meet the current and future requirements of the electronics industry.

Areas of application in various industries:

Ferroxcube's toroidal cores are used in various industries such as telecommunications, power generation, automotive and many others. As a result, they offer reliable solutions for controlling and processing magnetic signals in electronic systems.

Support and individualization:

Engineers and designers value Ferroxcube toroidal cores for their efficiency, performance and stability. With their help, they can optimize the performance of electronic circuits and thus improve the quality of their products.

Innovation and sustainability:

The continuous development of toroidal technology enables Ferroxcube to offer innovative solutions for the changing needs of the electronics industry. In addition, the company invests in training and technical support for customers to realize the full potential of toroidal cores.

Sustainable development is another goal of Ferroxcube. In doing so, the company works to implement environmentally friendly materials and production processes in order to minimize its ecological footprint.


Overall, Ferroxcube remains a leading supplier of toroidal cores and magnetic solutions. The high quality products, wide product range and commitment to technical support make Ferroxcube a valued partner in the electronics industry.


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