Ferrite cores

Ferrite cores serve the industry as induction enhancers for electromagnets and other industrial products. Megatron therefore offers a wide range of different ferrite cores for sale. The advantage here is the tailor-made solutions for each customer. The range includes "Bobbin Cores", "Rods", "Tubes" and so on. All products are available in several sizes and with different masses. You will find ferrites for transformers and for other applications.


Ferrite cores from Ferroxcube are magnetic components made of ferrite materials used in a variety of electronic and electromagnetic applications. These cores are made of ferrites, a class of ceramic materials manufactured primarily from iron oxide and other metal oxides.

In the electronics industry, ferrite cores are used in transformers, inductors and reactors. They are used for efficient energy transmission and storage.

In telecommunications technology, ferrite cores are used in antennas, filters and oscillating crystals. They help to minimize disturbing electromagnetic interference.

In the automotive industry, ferrite cores are used in EMC filters, sensors and actuators to improve the performance of electronic systems.

Power generation and distribution use ferrite cores in current transformers and switching power supplies to increase efficiency.

Ferroxcube offers a wide range of ferrite cores that can be tailored to meet specific application requirements.

These cores are optimized by composition and manufacturing processes to achieve specific magnetic properties.

Ferrite cores exhibit high saturation induction and low power dissipation, making them suitable for high frequency applications.

The stability of the cores at different temperatures ensures reliable performance in demanding environments.

In modern technology, ferrite cores are indispensable and contribute to the efficiency and performance of electronic devices.

Ferrite cores


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